Who We Are

A Content Refinery

At Treasures, we refine ideas, shape and turn them into an experience.

We develop content for content-focused projects and institutions: museums, visitors centers and the private sector.

At every stage, our work concentrates on the path an idea takes on the way to assuming a form: ranging from formulating the concept, researching its content-related and visual aspects, writing a conceptual design plan, arranging the copyright agreements to use the materials, to its production as an exhibition/archive/multimedia presentation/website/and much more…

Our Services

Our Services

The Content is the Resource


Curation, content and programmatic planning by Dr. Meirav Balas, a certified curator.

We work collaboratively with designers, multimedia specialists, construction crews, tour guide staff, and other vendors needed for the project.


Content research, visual research related to images and footage, and artifact research. We have direct ties and extensive experience in working with a variety of sources, including archives, museum collections, private collections, libraries, and online collections.

Copyright Agreements

We arrange the use of visual materials and music needed for any platform: exhibition, archive, film, event, etc.

Archiving: Archive and Collection Management

Digital archiving of materials and collection management; designing digital archives that contain existing historical and contemporary materials. We characterize every archive and design it based on the needs, limitations and types of materials.

Every item in the archive is scanned, cataloged and keyworded in line with the needs of the client and the users. We also maintain and conserve the collections on a regular basis.


This entails schedule and budgetary planning, preparing bids for vendors, handling the artifacts, drafting borrowing and work agreements, and everything required for executing the project.



The Refined Product




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Meirav Balas (Ph.D.)
Director, Curator

Mobile: +972-54-474-0499
Email: Meirav@treasures.co.il

Michal Attias
Producer, Researcher

Mobile: +972-54-204-3048
Email: Michal@treasures.co.il